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Algorithm::Dependency::Source::HoA - Source for a HASH of ARRAYs

Algorithm::Dependency::Source::HoA(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Algorithm::Dependency::Source::HoA(3pm)


Algorithm::Dependency::Source::HoA - Source for a HASH of ARRAYs


  # The basic data structure
  my $deps = {
      foo => [ 'bar', 'baz' ],
      bar => [],
      baz => [ 'bar' ],
  # Create the source from it
  my $Source = Algorithm::Dependency::Source::HoA->new( $deps );


"Algorithm::Dependency::Source::HoA" implements a source where the items names are provided in the most simple form, a reference to a "HASH" of "ARRAY" references.


This documents the methods differing from the ordinary Algorithm::Dependency::Source methods.

new $filename

When constructing a new "Algorithm::Dependency::Source::HoA" object, an argument should be provided of a reference to a HASH of ARRAY references, containing the names of other HASH elements.
Returns the object, or "undef" if the structure is not correct.


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Adam Kennedy <>


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