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AnyData::Format::CSV(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation AnyData::Format::CSV(3pm)


 AnyData::Format::CSV - tiedhash & DBI/SQL access to CSV data


 use AnyData;
 my $table = adTable( 'CSV', $filename,'r',$flags );
 while (my $row = each %$table) {
    print $row->{name},"\n" if $row->{country} =~ /us|mx|ca/;
 # ... other tied hash operations
 use DBI
 my $dbh = DBI->connect('dbi:AnyData:');
 $dbh->func('table1','CSV', $filename,$flags,'ad_catalog');
 my $hits = $dbh->selectall_arrayref( qq{
     SELECT name FROM table1 WHERE country = 'us'
 # ... other DBI/SQL operations


This is a plug-in format parser for the AnyData and DBD::AnyData modules. It will read column names from the first row of the file, or accept names passed by the user. In addition to column names, the user may set other options as follows:
  col_names   : a comma separated list of column names
  eol         : the end of record mark, \n by default
  quote_char  : the character used to quote fields " by default
  escape_char : the character used to escape the quote char, " by default
If you are using this with DBD::AnyData, put ad_ in front of the flags, e.g. ad_eol.
Please refer to the documentation for and for further details. copyright 2000, Jeff Zucker <> all rights reserved
2015-01-28 perl v5.20.2