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App::Cmd::Command::commands - list the application's commands

App::Cmd::Command::commands(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation App::Cmd::Command::commands(3pm)


App::Cmd::Command::commands - list the application's commands


version 0.331


This command will list all of the application commands available and their abstracts.



This is the command's primary method and raison d'etre. It prints the application's usage text (if any) followed by a sorted listing of the application's commands and their abstracts.
The commands are printed in sorted groups (created by "sort_commands"); each group is set off by blank lines.


  my @sorted = $cmd->sort_commands(@unsorted);
This method orders the list of commands into groups which it returns as a list of arrayrefs, and optional group header strings.
By default, the first group is for the "help" and "commands" commands, and all other commands are in the second group.
This method can be overridden by implementing the "commands_groups" method in your application base clase.


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