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App::Cme::Command::run - Run a cme script

App::Cme::Command::run(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation App::Cme::Command::run(3pm)


App::Cme::Command::run - Run a cme script


version 1.024


 $ cat ~/.cme/scripts/remove-mia
 doc: remove mia from Uploders. Require mia parameter
 # declare app to configure
 app: dpkg
 # specify one or more instructions
 load: ! control source Uploaders:-~/$mia$/
 # commit the modifications with a message (git only)
 commit: remove MIA dev $mia
 $ cme run remove-mia -arg
 # cme run can also use environment variables
 $ cat ~/.cme/scripts/add-me-to-uploaders
 app: dpkg-control
 load: source Uploaders:.push("$DEBFULLNAME <$DEBEMAIL>")
 $ cme run add-me-to-uploaders
 Reading package lists... Done
 Building dependency tree
 Reading state information... Done
 Changes applied to dpkg-control configuration:
 - source Uploaders:3: '<undef>' -> 'Dominique Dumont <>'
 # show the script documentation
 $ cme run remove-mia -doc
 remove mia from Uploders. require mia parameter
 # list scripts
 $ cme run -list
 Available scripts:
 - update-copyright
 - add-me-to-uploaders


Run a script written with cme DSL (Design specific language) or in plain Perl.
A script passed by name is searched in "~/.cme/scripts", "/etc/cme/scripts" or "/usr/share/perl5/Config/Model/scripts". E.g. with "cme run foo", "cme" loads either "~/.cme/scripts/foo", "/etc/cme/scripts/foo" or "/usr/share/perl5/Config/Model/scripts/foo"
No search is done if the script is passed with a path (e.g. "cme run ./foo")
"cme run" can also run plain Perl script. This is syntactic sugar to avoid polluting global namespace, i.e. there's no need to store a script using cme function in "/usr/local/bin/".
When run, this script:
opens the configuration file of "app"
applies the modifications specified with "load" instructions
save the configuration files
commits the result if "commit" is specified (either in script or on command line).
See App::Cme::Command::run for details.


The script accepts instructions in the form:
 key: value
The script accepts the following instructions:
Specify the target application. Must be one of the application listed by "cme list" command. Mandatory. Only one "app" instruction is allowed.
Use Perl code to specify variables usable in this script. The Perl code must store data in %var hash. For instance:
    var: my @l = localtime; $var{year} =  $l[5]+1900;
The hash %args contains the variables passed with the "-arg" option. Reading a value from %args which is not set by user triggers a missing option error. Use "exists" if you need to test if a argument was set by user:
    var: $var{foo} = exists $var{bar} ? $var{bar} : 'default' # good
    var: $var{foo} = $var{bar} || 'default' # triggers a "missing arg" error
Specify the modifications to apply using a string as specified in Config::Model::Loader. This string can contain variable (e.g. $foo) which are replaced by command argument (e.g. "-arg foo=bar") or by a variable set in var: line (e.g. $var{foo} as set above) or by an environment variable (e.g. $ENV{foo})
Specify that the change must be committed with the passed commit message. When this option is used, "cme" raises an error if used on a non-clean workspace. This option works only with git.
All instructions can use variables like $stuff whose value can be specified with "-arg" options, with a Perl variable (from "var:" section explained above) or with an environment variable:
For instance:
  cme run -arg var1=foo -arg var2=bar
transforms the instruction:
  load: ! a=$var1 b=$var2
  load: ! a=foo b=bar



List available scripts and exits.


Arguments for the cme scripts which are used to substitute variables.


Show the script documentation. (Note that "--help" options show the documentation of "cme run" command)


Like the commit instruction in script. Specify that the change must be committed with the passed commit message.


Don't commit to git (even if the above option is set)

Common options

See "Global Options" in cme.


 $ cat ~/.cme/scripts/update-copyright
 app: dpkg-copyright
 load: Files:~ Copyright=~"s/2016,?\s+$name/2017, $name/g"
 commit: updated copyright year of $name
 $ cme run update-copyright -arg "name=Dominique Dumont"
 cme: using Dpkg::Copyright model
 Changes applied to dpkg-copyright configuration:
 - Files:"*" Copyright: '2005-2016, Dominique Dumont <>' -> '2005-2017, Dominique Dumont <>'
 - Files:"lib/Dpkg/Copyright/" Copyright:
 @@ -1,2 +1,2 @@
 -2014-2016, Dominique Dumont <>
 +2014-2017, Dominique Dumont <>
   2005-2012, Jonas Smedegaard <>
 [master ac2e6410] updated copyright year of Dominique Dumont
  1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)




Dominique Dumont This software is Copyright (c) 2017 by Dominique Dumont.
This is free software, licensed under:
  The GNU Lesser General Public License, Version 2.1, February 1999
2017-10-25 perl v5.26.0