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App::Pinto::Command::default - mark the default stack

App::Pinto::Command::default(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation App::Pinto::Command::default(3pm)


App::Pinto::Command::default - mark the default stack


version 0.097


  pinto --root=REPOSITORY_ROOT default [OPTIONS] [STACK]


This command marks the given "STACK" as the default stack for the repository. The existing default stack (if one exists) is thereby unmarked. The default stack is used by most pinto commands where a stack is not explicitly specified either by option or argument.
If the "--none" option is given instead of a "STACK" argument, then the default stack is unmarked (if one exists). When a repository has no default stack, you will have to explicitly specify the stack as option or argument for most pinto commands.
Use the stacks command to list the stacks that currently exist in the repository and show which one is the default.


Think carefully before changing the default stack. This will dramatically affect all users of the repository, so it is wise to notify them well in advance.


The argument is the name of the stack you wish to mark as the default. The stack must already exist. A stack argument cannot be used when the "--none" option is specified.


Unmarks the default stack (if one exists). This option cannot be used when the "STACK" argument is specified.


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