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Autodia::Diagram::Class - Class that holds, updates and outputs the values of a

Autodia::Diagram::Class(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Autodia::Diagram::Class(3pm)


Autodia::Diagram::Class - Class that holds, updates and outputs the values of a diagram element of type class.


use Autodia::Diagram::Class;
my $Class = Autodia::Diagram::Class->new;


Autodia::Diagram::Class is an object that represents the Dia UML Class element within a Dia diagram. It holds, outputs and allows the addition of attributes, relationships and methods.



my $Class = Autodia::Diagram::Class->new($name);
creates and returns a simple Autodia::Diagram::Class object, containing its name and its original position (default 0,0).


Autodia::Diagram::Class attributes are accessed through methods, rather than directly. Each attribute is available through calling the method of its name, ie Inheritances(). The methods available are :
Operations, Attributes, Inheritances, Dependancies, Parent, and has_child. The first 4 return a list, the later return a string.
Adding elements to the Autodia::Diagram::Class is acheived through the add_<attribute> methods, ie add_inheritance().
Rather than remove an element from the diagram it is marked as redundant and replaced with a superceding element, as Autodia::Diagram::Class has highest precedence it won't be superceded and so doesn't have a redundant() method. Superclass and Component do.

Accessing and manipulating the Autodia::Diagram::Class

$Class-> Attributes(), Inheritances(), Operations(), and Dependancies() all return a list of their respective elements.
$Class-> Parent(), and has_child() return the value of the parent or child respectively if present otherwise a false.
$Class-> add_attribute(), add_inheritance(), add_operation(), and add_dependancy() all add a new element of their respective types.

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