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Autodia::Handler::PHP - AutoDia handler for PHP

Autodia::Handler::PHP(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Autodia::Handler::PHP(3pm)


Autodia::Handler::PHP - AutoDia handler for PHP


Autodia::Handler::PHP is registered in the module, which contains a hash of language names and the name of their respective language - in this case:
%language_handlers = ( .. , php => "Autodia::Handler::PHP", .. );
%patterns = ( .. , php => \%php,
.. );
my %php = (
regex => '\w+\.php$',
wildcards => [


use Autodia::Handler::PHP;
my $handler = Autodia::Handler::PHP->New(\%Config);
This creates a new handler using the Configuration hash to provide rules selected at the command line.


$handler->Parse(filename); # where filename includes full or relative path.
This parses the named file and returns 1 if successful or 0 if the file could not be opened.
$handler-> output(); # any arguments are ignored.
This outputs the output file according to the rules in the %Config hash passed at initialisation of the object and the template.
2010-02-18 perl v5.12.4