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Bio::Chado::Schema::Test - Library to be used by Bio::Chado::Schema test

Bio::Chado::Schema::Test(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Bio::Chado::Schema::Test(3pm)


Bio::Chado::Schema::Test - Library to be used by Bio::Chado::Schema test scripts.


  use lib qw(t/lib);
  use Bio::Chado::Schema::Test;
  use Test::More;
  my $schema = Bio::Chado::Schema::Test->init_schema();


This module provides the basic utilities to write tests against Bio::Chado::Schema.



  my $schema = Bio::Chado::Schema::Test->init_schema(
    deploy            => 1,
    populate          => 1,
    storage_type      => '::DBI::Replicated',
    storage_type_args => {
This method removes the test SQLite database in t/var/BCS.db and then creates a new, empty database.
This method will call deploy_schema() by default, unless the deploy flag is set to 0.
This method will call populate_schema() if the populate argument is set to a true value.


Returns true if the BCS_TEST_DSN environment variable is set.


  Bio::Chado::Schema::Test->deploy_schema( $schema );
This method does one of two things to the schema. It can either call the experimental $schema-> deploy() if the BCSTEST_SQLT_DEPLOY environment variable is set, otherwise the default is to read in the t/lib/sqlite.sql file and execute the SQL within. Either way you end up with a fresh set of tables for testing.


  Bio::Chado::Schema::Test->populate_schema( $schema );
After you deploy your schema you can use this method to populate the tables with test data.
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