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CGI::Application::Plugin::Authentication::Driver::Filter::md5 - MD5 filter

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CGI::Application::Plugin::Authentication::Driver::Filter::md5 - MD5 filter


This document describes CGI::Application::Plugin::Authentication::Driver::Filter::md5 version 0.20


filter ( (hex base64 binary), $string )

This will generate an MD5 hash of the string in the requested format. By default, hex encoding is used.
 my $filtered = $class->filter('base64', 'foobar'); # OFj2IjCsPJFfMAxmQxLGPw
 my $filtered = $class->filter(undef, 'foobar'); # 3858f62230ac3c915f300c664312c63f

check ( (hex base64 binary), $string, $md5 )

This will generate an MD5 hash of the string, and compare it against the provided MD5 string. If no encoding type is specified, the length of the MD5 string will be tested to see what format it is in.
 if ($class->check(undef, 'foobar', '3858f62230ac3c915f300c664312c63f')) {
     # they match


CGI::Application::Plugin::Authentication::Driver, Digest::MD5, perl(1)


Cees Hek <> Copyright (c) 2005, SiteSuite. All rights reserved.
This module is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.
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