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Data Fields

int clockRate
int maxGridSize [3]
int maxThreadsDim [3]
int maxThreadsPerBlock
int memPitch
int regsPerBlock
int sharedMemPerBlock
int SIMDWidth
int textureAlign
int totalConstantMemory

Detailed Description

Legacy device properties

Field Documentation

int CUdevprop::clockRate

Clock frequency in kilohertz

int CUdevprop::maxGridSize[3]

Maximum size of each dimension of a grid

int CUdevprop::maxThreadsDim[3]

Maximum size of each dimension of a block

int CUdevprop::maxThreadsPerBlock

Maximum number of threads per block

int CUdevprop::memPitch

Maximum pitch in bytes allowed by memory copies

int CUdevprop::regsPerBlock

32-bit registers available per block

int CUdevprop::sharedMemPerBlock

Shared memory available per block in bytes

int CUdevprop::SIMDWidth

Warp size in threads

int CUdevprop::textureAlign

Alignment requirement for textures

int CUdevprop::totalConstantMemory

Constant memory available on device in bytes


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