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Cache::Ref::CART - CAR with temporal filtering

Cache::Ref::CART(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Cache::Ref::CART(3pm)


Cache::Ref::CART - CAR with temporal filtering


    my $c = Cache::Ref::CART->new(
        size => $n,


This algorithm is an extension to Cache::Ref::CAR that has temporal filtering on the upgrading from MRU to MFU pool.
This means that two subsequent accesses to the same key do not automatically make it viable for long term caching, to get upgraded to MFU status a key must be expired but known in the history.
This is probably the most general purpose caching algorithm.


The size of the live entries.
Note that the cache also remembers this many expired keys, and keeps some metadata about those keys, so for memory usage the overhead is probably around double what Cache::Ref::LRU requires.


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