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Catmandu::Importer::MAB2 - Package that imports MAB2 data

Catmandu::Importer::MAB2(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Catmandu::Importer::MAB2(3pm)


Catmandu::Importer::MAB2 - Package that imports MAB2 data


    use Catmandu::Importer::MAB2;
    my $importer = Catmandu::Importer::MAB2->new(file => "./t/mab2.dat", type=> "raw");
    my $n = $importer->each(sub {
        my $hashref = $_[0];
        # ...
To convert between MAB2 syntax variants with the catmandu command line client:
    catmandu convert MAB2 --type raw to MAB2 --type xml < mab2.dat


The parsed MAB2 record is a HASH containing two keys '_id' containing the 001 field (or the system identifier of the record) and 'record' containing an ARRAY of ARRAYs for every field:
  'record' => [
                    ' ',
                    'fol05882032 '
                    'Cross-platform Perl /',
                    'Eric F. Johnson.'
  '_id' => 'fol05882032'


This module inherits all methods of Catmandu::Importer and by this Catmandu::Iterable.


In addition to the configuration provided by Catmandu::Importer ("file", "fh", etc.) the importer can be configured with the following parameters:
Describes the MAB2 syntax variant. Supported values (case ignored) include the default value "xml" for MABxml, "disk" for human-readable MAB2 serialization ("Diskettenformat") or "raw" for data-exchange MAB2 serialization ("Bandformat").


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