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Code::TidyAll::CacheModel::Shared - Shared cache model for Code::TidyAll

Code::TidyAll::CacheModel::Shared(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Code::TidyAll::CacheModel::Shared(3pm)


Code::TidyAll::CacheModel::Shared - Shared cache model for Code::TidyAll


version 0.67


   my $cta = Code::TidyAll->new(
       cache_model_class => 'Code::TidyAll::CacheModel::Shared',


An alternative caching model for Code::TidyAll designed to work in shared build systems / systems with lots of branches.
This cache model uses both the file name and file contents to build the cache key and a meaningless cache value. It does not care about the modification time of the file.
This allows you to share a cache when you might have several versions of a file that you switch backwards and forwards between (e.g. when you're working on several branches) and keep the cache values


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Jonathan Swartz <>
Dave Rolsky <>
This software is copyright (c) 2011 - 2017 by Jonathan Swartz.
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