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Config::MVP::Sequence - an ordered set of named configuration sections

Config::MVP::Sequence(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Config::MVP::Sequence(3pm)


Config::MVP::Sequence - an ordered set of named configuration sections


version 2.200010


A Config::MVP::Sequence is an ordered set of configuration sections, each of which has a name unique within the sequence.
For the most part, you can just consult Config::MVP to understand what this class is and how it's used.



This attribute is true if the sequence has been marked finalized, which will prevent any changes (via methods like "add_section" or "delete_section"). It can be set with the "finalize" method.



This method adds the given section to the end of the sequence. If the sequence already contains a section with the same name as the new section, an exception will be raised.


  my $deleted_section = $sequence->delete_section( $name );
This method removes a section from the sequence and returns the removed section. If no section existed, the method returns false.


  my $section = $sequence->section_named( $name );
This method returns the section with the given name, if one exists in the sequence. If no such section exists, the method returns false.


  my @names = $sequence->section_names;
This method returns a list of the names of the sections, in order.


  my @sections = $sequence->sections;
This method returns the section objects, in order.


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