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Config::Model::Value::LayeredInclude - Include a sub layer configuration

Config::Model::Value::LayeredInclude(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Config::Model::Value::LayeredInclude(3pm)


Config::Model::Value::LayeredInclude - Include a sub layer configuration


version 2.113


    # in a model declaration:
    'element' => [
      'include' => {
        'class' => 'Config::Model::Value::LayeredInclude',
        # usual Config::Model::Value parameters
        'type' => 'leaf',
        'value_type' => 'uniline',
        'convert' => 'lc',
        'summary' => 'Include file for cascaded configuration',
        'description' => 'To support multiple variants of ...'


This class inherits from Config::Model::Value. It overrides _store to trigger a refresh of layered value when a value is changed. I.e. changing this value trigger a reload of the referred configuration file which values are used as default value. This class was designed to cope with multistrap <> configuration.


A configuration file can support 2 kinds of include:
Layered include which sets default values like multistrap or ssh. These includes are read-only.
Real includes like "apache". In this cases modified configuration items can be written to included files.
This class works only with the first type


Copyright 2011,2013 Dominique Dumont <ddumont at>


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