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Crypt::PBKDF2::Hash - Abstract role for PBKDF2 hashing algorithms.

Crypt::PBKDF2::Hash(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Crypt::PBKDF2::Hash(3pm)


Crypt::PBKDF2::Hash - Abstract role for PBKDF2 hashing algorithms.


version 0.161520



Returns the length (in bytes) of the hashes this algorithm generates.

generate($data, $key)

Generate strong pseudorandom bits based on the $data and $key


Return a string representing any optional arguments this object was created with, for use by Crypt::PBKDF2's "generate" and "encode_string" methods. May return undef if no arguments are required, in which case none will be serialized and "from_algo_string" won't be called on reading the hash.


Given a string as produced by "from_algo_string", return an instance of this class with options corresponding to those in $str. If no options are expected, it's permissible for this method to throw an exception.


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