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Crypt::Random::Source::Weak::rand - Use "rand" to create random bytes

Crypt::Random::Source::Weak::rand(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Crypt::Random::Source::Weak::rand(3pm)


Crypt::Random::Source::Weak::rand - Use "rand" to create random bytes


version 0.12


    use Crypt::Random::Source::Weak::rand;
    my $p = Crypt::Random::Source::Weak::rand->new;


This is a weak source of random data, that uses Perl's builtin "rand" function.


seed @blah

Sets the random seed to a checksum of the stringified values of @blah.
There is no need to call this method unless you want the random sequence to be identical to a previously run, in which case you should seed with the same value.

get $n

Produces $n random bytes.


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