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DBIx::Class::Helper::ResultSet::NoColumns - Look ma, no columns!

DBIx::Class::Helper::ResultSet::NoColumns(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation DBIx::Class::Helper::ResultSet::NoColumns(3pm)


DBIx::Class::Helper::ResultSet::NoColumns - Look ma, no columns!


 package MySchema::ResultSet::Bar;
 use strict;
 use warnings;
 use parent 'DBIx::Class::ResultSet';
 # in code using resultset:
 my $rs = $schema->resultset('Bar')->no_columns->search(undef, {
    '+columns' => { 'foo' => '' },


This component simply gives you a method to clear the set of columns to be selected. It's just handy sugar.
See "NOTE" in DBIx::Class::Helper::ResultSet for a nice way to apply this to your entire schema.



Returns resultset with zero columns configured, fresh for the addition of new columns.


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