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DR::Tarantool::Tuple - a tuple container for DR::Tarantool

DR::Tarantool::Tuple(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation DR::Tarantool::Tuple(3pm)


DR::Tarantool::Tuple - a tuple container for DR::Tarantool


    my $tuple = new DR::Tarantool::Tuple([ 1, 2, 3]);
    my $tuple = new DR::Tarantool::Tuple([ 1, 2, 3], $space);
    my $tuple = unpack DR::Tarantool::Tuple([ 1, 2, 3], $space);
    $tuple->next( $other_tuple );
    $f = $tuple->raw(0);
    $f = $tuple->name_field;


A tuple contains normalized (unpacked) fields. You can access the fields by their indexes (see raw function) or by their names (if they are described in the space).
Each tuple can contain references to next tuple and iterator, so that if the server returns more than one tuple, all of them can be accessed.



A constructor.
    my $t = DR::Tarantool::Tuple->new([1, 2, 3]);
    my $t = DR::Tarantool::Tuple->new([1, 2, 3], $space);


Another way to construct a tuple.
    my $t = DR::Tarantool::Tuple->unpack([1, 2, 3], $space);


Return raw data from the tuple.
    my $array = $tuple->raw;
    my $field = $tuple->raw(0);


Append or return the next tuple, provided there is more than one tuple in the result set.
    my $next_tuple = $tuple->next;


Return an iterator object associated with the tuple.
    my $iterator = $tuple->iter;
    my $iterator = $tuple->iter('MyTupleClass', 'new');
    while(my $t = $iterator->next) {
        # the first value of $t and $tuple are the same
package (optional)
method (optional)
If 'package' and 'method' are present, $iterator->next method constructs objects using "$package->$method( $next_tuple )"
If 'method' is not present and 'package' is present, the iterator blesses the raw array with 'package'.


Return the tail of the tuple (array of unnamed fields). The function always returns ARRAYREF (as raw).
 Copyright (C) 2011 Dmitry E. Oboukhov <>
 Copyright (C) 2011 Roman V. Nikolaev <>
 This program is free software, you can redistribute it and/or
 modify it under the terms of the Artistic License.


The project is placed git repo on github: <>.
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