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Dancer2::Core::Cookie - A cookie representing class

Dancer2::Core::Cookie(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Dancer2::Core::Cookie(3pm)


Dancer2::Core::Cookie - A cookie representing class


version 0.205002


    use Dancer2::Core::Cookie;
    my $cookie = Dancer2::Core::Cookie->new(
        name => $cookie_name, value => $cookie_value
    my $value = $cookie->value;
    print "$cookie"; # objects stringify to their value.


Dancer2::Core::Cookie provides a HTTP cookie object to work with cookies.



The cookie's value.
(Note that cookie objects use overloading to stringify to their value, so if you say e.g. return "Hi, $cookie", you'll get the cookie's value there.)
In list context, returns a list of potentially multiple values; in scalar context, returns just the first value. (So, if you expect a cookie to have multiple values, use list context.)


The cookie's name.


The cookie's expiration date. There are several formats.
Unix epoch time like 1288817656 to mean "Wed, 03-Nov-2010 20:54:16 GMT"
It also supports a human readable offset from the current time such as "2 hours". See the documentation of Dancer2::Core::Time for details of all supported formats.


The cookie's domain.


The cookie's path.


If true, it instructs the client to only serve the cookie over secure connections such as https.


By default, cookies are created with a property, named "HttpOnly", that can be used for security, forcing the cookie to be used only by the server (via HTTP) and not by any JavaScript code.
If your cookie is meant to be used by some JavaScript code, set this attribute to 0.


Whether the cookie ought not to be sent along with cross-site requests, an enum of either "Strict" or "Lax", default is unset.


my $cookie=Dancer2::Core::Cookie->new(%opts);

Create a new Dancer2::Core::Cookie object.
You can set any attribute described in the ATTRIBUTES section above.

my $header=$cookie-> to_header();

Creates a proper HTTP cookie header from the content.


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