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Dancer2::Core::HTTP - helper for rendering HTTP status codes for Dancer2

Dancer2::Core::HTTP(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Dancer2::Core::HTTP(3pm)


Dancer2::Core::HTTP - helper for rendering HTTP status codes for Dancer2


version 0.205002



    Dancer2::Core::HTTP->status(200); # returns 200
    Dancer2::Core::HTTP->status('Not Found'); # returns 404
    Dancer2::Core::HTTP->status('bad_request'); # 400
Returns a HTTP status code. If given an integer, it will return the value it received, else it will try to find the appropriate alias and return the correct status.


    Dancer2::Core::HTTP->status_message(200); # returns 'OK'
    Dancer2::Core::HTTP->status_message('error'); # returns 'Internal Server Error'
Returns the HTTP status message for the given status code.


    my %table = Dancer2::Core::HTTP->status_mapping;
    # returns ( 'Ok' => 200, 'Created' => 201, ... )
Returns the full table of status -> code mappings.


    my %table = Dancer2::Core::HTTP->code_mapping;
    # returns ( 200 => 'Ok', 201 => 'Created', ... )
Returns the full table of code -> status mappings.


    my %table = Dancer2::Core::HTTP->all_mappings;
    # returns ( 418 => 'I'm a teapot', "I'm a teapot' => 418, 'i_m_a_teapot' => 418 )
Returns the code-to-status, status-to-code and underscore-groomed status-to-code mappings all mashed up in a single table. Mostly for internal uses.


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