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Dancer2::Core::Session - class to represent any session object

Dancer2::Core::Session(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Dancer2::Core::Session(3pm)


Dancer2::Core::Session - class to represent any session object


version 0.205002


A session object encapsulates anything related to a specific session: its ID, its data, and its expiration.
It is completely agnostic of how it will be stored, this is the role of a factory that consumes Dancer2::Core::Role::SessionFactory to know about that.
Generally, session objects should not be created directly. The correct way to get a new session object is to call the "create()" method on a session engine that implements the SessionFactory role. This is done automatically by the app object if a session engine is defined.



The identifier of the session object. Required. By default, Dancer2::Core::Role::SessionFactory sets this to a randomly-generated, guaranteed-unique string.
This attribute can be modified if your Session implementation requires this.


Contains the data of the session (Hash).


Number of seconds for the expiry of the session cookie. Don't add the current timestamp to it, will be done automatically.
Default is no expiry (session cookie will leave for the whole browser's session).
For a lifetime of one hour:
  expires => 3600


Boolean value for whether data in the session has been modified.



Reader on the session data
    my $value = $session->read('something');
Returns "undef" if the key does not exist in the session.


Writer on the session data
  $session->write('something', $value);
Sets "is_dirty" to true. Returns $value.


Deletes a key from session data
Sets "is_dirty" to true. Returns the value deleted from the session.


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