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Dancer2::Core::Time - class to handle common helpers for time manipulations

Dancer2::Core::Time(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Dancer2::Core::Time(3pm)


Dancer2::Core::Time - class to handle common helpers for time manipulations


version 0.205002


    my $time = Dancer2::Core::Time->new( expression => "1h" );
    $time->seconds; # return 3600


For consistency, whenever something needs to work with time, it needs to be expressed in seconds, with a timestamp. Although it's very convenient for the machine and calculations, it's not very handy for a human-being, for instance in a configuration file.
This class provides everything needed to translate any human-understandable expression into a number of seconds.



Number of seconds represented by the object. Defaults to 0.


The current epoch to handle. Defaults to seconds + time.


Convert the current value in epoch as a GMT string.


Required. A human readable expression representing the number of seconds to provide.
The format supported is a number followed by an expression. It currently understands:
    s second seconds sec secs
    m minute minutes min mins
    h hr hour hours
    d day days
    w week weeks
    M month months
    y year years
Months and years are currently fixed at 30 and 365 days. This may change. Anything else is used verbatim as the expression of a number of seconds.
    2 hours, 3 days, 3d, 1 week, 3600, etc...


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