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Dancer2::Handler::AutoPage - Class for handling the AutoPage feature

Dancer2::Handler::AutoPage(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Dancer2::Handler::AutoPage(3pm)


Dancer2::Handler::AutoPage - Class for handling the AutoPage feature


version 0.205002


The AutoPage feature is a Handler (turned off by default) that is responsible for serving pages that match an existing template. If a view exists with a name that matches the requested path, Dancer2 processes the request using the Autopage handler.
To turn it add to your config file:
      auto_page: 1
This allows you to easily serve simple pages without having to write a route definition for them.
If there's no view with the name request, the route passes, allowing other matching routes to be dispatched.



Creates the routes.


A code reference that processes the route request.


The methods that should be served for autopages.
Default: head, get.


The regexp (path) we want to match.
Default: /:page.


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