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Dancer2::Logger::Capture - Capture dancer logs

Dancer2::Logger::Capture(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Dancer2::Logger::Capture(3pm)


Dancer2::Logger::Capture - Capture dancer logs


version 0.205002


The basics:
    set logger => "capture";
    my $trap = dancer_app->logger_engine->trapper;
    my $logs = $trap->read;
A worked-out real-world example:
    use Test::More tests => 2;
    use Dancer2;
    set logger => 'capture';
    warning "Danger!  Warning!";
    debug   "I like pie.";
    my $trap = dancer_app->logger_engine->trapper;
    is_deeply $trap->read, [
        { level => "warning", message => "Danger!  Warning!" },
        { level => "debug",   message => "I like pie.", }
    # each call to read cleans the trap
    is_deeply $trap->read, [];


This is a logger class for Dancer2 which captures all logs to an object.
It's primary purpose is for testing. Here is an example of a test:
    use strict;
    use warnings;
    use Test::More;
    use Plack::Test;
    use HTTP::Request::Common;
    use Ref::Util qw<is_coderef>;
        package App;
        use Dancer2;
        set log       => 'debug';
        set logger    => 'capture';
        get '/' => sub {
            log(debug => 'this is my debug message');
            log(core  => 'this should not be logged');
            log(info  => 'this is my info message');
    my $app = Dancer2->psgi_app;
    ok( is_coderef($app), 'Got app' );
    test_psgi $app, sub {
        my $cb = shift;
        my $res = $cb->( GET '/' );
        my $trap = App->dancer_app->logger_engine->trapper;
        is_deeply $trap->read, [
            { level => 'debug', message => 'this is my debug message' },
            { level => 'info',  message => 'this is my info message' },
        is_deeply $trap->read, [];



Returns the Dancer2::Logger::Capture::Trap object used to capture and read logs.


Dancer2::Core::Role::Logger, Dancer2::Logger::Capture::Trap


Dancer Core Developers This software is copyright (c) 2017 by Alexis Sukrieh.
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