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Dancer2::Template::Tiny - Template::Tiny engine for Dancer2

Dancer2::Template::Tiny(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Dancer2::Template::Tiny(3pm)


Dancer2::Template::Tiny - Template::Tiny engine for Dancer2


version 0.205002


This template engine allows you to use Template::Tiny in Dancer2.
Template::Tiny is an implementation of a subset of Template::Toolkit (the major parts) which takes much less memory and is faster. If you're only using the main functions of Template::Toolkit, you could use Template::Tiny. You can also seamlessly move back to Template::Toolkit whenever you want.
However, Dancer2 uses a modified version of Template::Tiny, which is Dancer2::Template::Implementation::ForkedTiny. It adds 2 features :
opening and closing tag are now configurable
CodeRefs are evaluated and their results is inserted in the result.
You can read more on Dancer2::Template::Implementation::ForkedTiny.
To use this engine, all you need to configure in your Dancer2's "config.yaml":
    template: "tiny"
Of course, you can also set this while working using "set":
    # code code code
    set template => 'tiny';
Since Dancer2 has internal support for a wrapper-like option with the "layout" configuration option, you can have a Template::Toolkit-like WRAPPER even though Template::Tiny doesn't really support it.


render($template, \%tokens)

Renders the template. The first arg is a filename for the template file or a reference to a string that contains the template. The second arg is a hashref for the tokens that you wish to pass to Template::Toolkit for rendering.


Dancer2, Dancer2::Core::Role::Template, Template::Tiny, Dancer2::Template::Implementation::ForkedTiny.


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