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Dancer::Logger::PSGI - PSGI Log handler for Dancer

Dancer::Logger::PSGI(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Dancer::Logger::PSGI(3pm)


Dancer::Logger::PSGI - PSGI Log handler for Dancer


In your Dancer's environment file:
    logger: PSGI
    - plack_middlewares:
        - ConsoleLogger
In your application:
    warning 'this is a warning';
With Plack::Middleware::ConsoleLogger, all your log will be send to the JavaScript console of your browser.


This class is an interface between your Dancer's application and psgix.logger. Message will be logged in whatever logger you decided to use in your Plack handler. If no logger is defined, nothing will be logged.


Franck Cuny This software is copyright (c) 2014 by Richard Simo~es <rsimoes AT cpan DOT com>. It is released under the terms of the MIT (X11) License and may be modified and/or redistributed under the same or any compatible license.
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