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Dancer::Object::Singleton - Singleton base class for Dancer

Dancer::Object::Singleton(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Dancer::Object::Singleton(3pm)


Dancer::Object::Singleton - Singleton base class for Dancer


version 1.3202


    package My::Dancer::Extension;
    use strict;
    use warnings;
    use base 'Dancer::Object::Singleton';
    __PACKAGE__->attributes( qw/name value this that/ );
    sub init {
        my ($class, $instance) = @_;
        # our initialization code, if we need one
    # .. later on ..
    # returns the unique instance
    my $singleton_intance = My::Dancer::Extension->instance();


Dancer::Object::Singleton is meant to be used instead of Dancer::Object, if you want your object to be a singleton, that is, a class that has only one instance in the application.
It provides you with attributes and an initializer.



Returns the instance of the singleton. The instance is created only when needed. The creation will call the "init()" method, which you should implement.


Exists but does nothing. This is so you won't have to write an initializer if you don't want to. init receives the instance as argument.


Get the attributes of the specific class.


Generates attributes for whatever object is extending Dancer::Object and saves them in an internal hashref so they can be later fetched using "get_attributes".


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