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Data::DPath::Filters - Magic functions available inside filter conditions

Data::DPath::Filters(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Data::DPath::Filters(3pm)


Data::DPath::Filters - Magic functions available inside filter conditions



Mysterious test function. Will vanish. Soon. Or will it really? No, probably not. I like it. :-)
Returns true if the value eq "affe".


Returns the current index inside array elements.
Please note that the current matching elements might not be in a defined order if resulting from anything else than arrays.


Returns the size of the current element. If it is an array ref it returns the number of elements, if it is a hash ref it returns number of keys, if it is a scalar it returns 1, everything else returns -1.


If it is a hashref returns the key under which the current element is associated as value. Else it returns undef.
This gives the key() function kind of a "look back" behaviour because the associated point is already after that key.


Returns the value of the current element.


Frontend to UNIVERSAL::isa. True if the current element is_a given class.


Frontend to Scalar::Util::reftype.
Returns Scalar::Util::reftype of current element $_. With this you can do comparison by yourself with "eq", "=~", "~~" or whatever in filter expressions.


Frontend to Scalar::Util::reftype.
Checks whether Scalar::Util::reftype of current element $_ equals the provided argument $EXPECTED_TYPE and returns true/false.


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