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lrzip.conf - Configuration File for lrzip

lrzip.conf(5) lrzip.conf(5)


lrzip.conf - Configuration File for lrzip


This file if used, will be read by the lrzip program, parsed, and options passed to the program. Some options may be overridden on the command line. Others are fixed.
The configuration file must be called lrzip.conf. The lrzip program will search for the file automatically in one of three places:
$PWD - Current Directory
Parameters are set in  PARAMETER=VALUE fashion where any line
beginning with a  # or that is blank will be ignored.
Parameter values are not case sensitive.


# This is a comment.
# Compression Window size in 100MB. Normally selected by program. # WINDOW = 5 # Compression Level 1-9 (7 Default). # COMPRESSIONLEVEL = 7 # Unlimited Ram Compression # UNLIMITED = YES # Compression Method, rzip, gzip, bzip2, lzo, or lzma (default), zpaq. # COMPRESSIONMETHOD = LZMA # Perform LZO Test. Default = YES (-T option, NO) # LZOTEST = NO # Hash Check on decompression, YES # HASHCHECK = YES # Show HASH value on Compression even if Verbose is off, YES # SHOWHASH = YES
# Default output directory # OUTPUTDIRECTORY = location # Verbosity, Yes or Max # VERBOSITY = MAX # Show Progress as file is parsed, YES, NO (yes is default) # SHOWPROGRESS = NO # Set Niceness. 19 is default. -20 to 19 is the allowable range # NICE = 19
# Keep broken or damaged output files, YES # KEEPBROKEN = YES # Delete source file after compression # this parameter and value are case sensitive # value must be YES to activate # DELETEFILES = NO
# Replace existing lrzip file when compressing # this parameter and value are case sensitive # value must be YES to activate # REPLACEFILE = NO
# Select Temporary Directory when stdin/stdout or Test file is used # TMPDIR = /tmp


Be careful when using DELETEFILES or REPLACEFILE as no warning will be given and lrzip will simply delete the source or replace the output file!


January 2009