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mailexporter - export metrics about mail server functionalty

mailexporter() mailexporter()


mailexporter - export metrics about mail server functionalty


monitoringinterval Interval betwteen subsequent probing attempts for one external server
startupoffset Delay between starting the monitoring-subroutines per server
mailchecktimeout Timeout until mails are considered "didn't make it"
disablefiledeletion <false|true> Disables the mailexporters function to delete probing mails if filesystem access should be restricted to avoid spamming the log with warnings; defaults to false, i.e. detected probing mails are deleted, and can be ommitted if unneeded


name name for internal prometheus-metric server SMTP-server to use port port to use on Server for SMTP login login name on server (leave empty together with passphrase to disable authentication) passphrase SMTP-login-password (leave empty together with login to disable authentication) from From-Header of monitoring-Mail (e.g. for filtering) to address to deliver to detectiondir Maildir in which to look for monitoring-mail