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slapd-null - Null backend to slapd

SLAPD-NULL(5) File Formats Manual SLAPD-NULL(5)


slapd-null - Null backend to slapd




The Null backend to slapd(8) is surely the most useful part of slapd:
- Searches return success but no entries.
- Compares return compareFalse.
- Updates return success (unless readonly is on) but do nothing.
- Binds other than as the rootdn fail unless the database option "bind on" is given.
- The slapadd(8) and slapcat(8) tools are equally exciting.
Inspired by the /dev/null device.


This slapd.conf option applies to the NULL backend database. That is, it must follow a "database null" line and come before any subsequent "database" lines. Other database options are described in the slapd.conf(5) manual page.
bind <on/off>
Allow binds as any DN in this backend's suffix, with any password. The default is "off".
dosearch <on/off>
If enabled, a single entry will be returned on all search requests. The entry's DN will be the same as the database suffix. The default is "off".


Here is a possible slapd.conf extract using the Null backend:
database null
suffix   "cn=Nothing"
bind     on


The null backend does not honor any of the access control semantics described in slapd.access(5).


default slapd configuration file


slapd.conf(5), slapd(8), slapadd(8), slapcat(8).
2017/06/01 OpenLDAP