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opencity — a 3D city simulator game

OpenCity(6) The 3D city simulator game OpenCity(6)


opencity — a 3D city simulator game


opencity [-fs | --full-screen] [-glv | --gl-version] [-dd | --data-dir newDataPath] [-cd | --conf-dir newConfigPath] [-na | --no-audio] [--generator-height-map heightMapPicture | (--generator-seed seed [--generator-map MAP-TYPE] [--generator-water WATER-TYPE] [--generator-map-shape MAP-SHAPE-TYPE] [--generator-tree-density TREE-DENSITY-TYPE])]


This manual page documents opencity command.


-fs | --fullscreen
Enable fullscreen mode
-glv | --gl-version
Show the information of the current available OpenGL implementation on your machine then quit
-dd | --data-dir newDataPath
Specify to new path to OpenCity's data. For example: --data-dir /home/foo/bar/share/opencity/
-cd | --conf-dir newConfigPath
Specify to new path to OpenCity's configuration. For example: --conf-dir /home/foo/bar/etc/opencity/
-na | --no-audio
Disable the audio system
--generator-height-map heightMapPicture
Load a gray-level picture as height map (PNG). The water level is gray level 128, each map level is one gray level. That's why the whole picture seems to be in a medium gray, because there's only a minor difference between the pixels. You can draw yourself the height-map or generate from any map sources. The interesting data for this work are the DEM satellite data. The map generator in OpenCity will crop the picture if it's too big.
--generator-seed seed
The seed is the random integer seed used by the map generator
--generator-map MAP-TYPE
MAP-TYPE: 0=plain (default), 1=hill, 2=mountain
--generator-water WATER-TYPE
WATER-TYPE: 0=dry, 1=lake (default), 2=coast
--generator-map-shape MAP-SHAPE-TYPE
MAP-SHAPE-TYPE: 0=none (default), 1=island, 2=volcano, 3=crater
--generator-tree-density TREE-DENSITY-TYPE
TREE-DENSITY-TYPE: 0=sparse (default), 1=normal, 2=dense


n: "Blank" tool
r: Zone Residential tool
c: Zone Commercial tool
i: Zone Industrial tool
p: Lay Paths tool
l: Lay electric Lines tool
x: Destroy tool
q: Query tool
e: Build a coal power plant
ctrl: cancel the zoning tool action

u / d: raise / lower cells tool
up / down / left / right: move the map
pageup / pagedown: rotate t