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rbdoom3bfg - Robert Beckeban's Doom 3 BFG Edition

rbdoom3bfg(6) rbdoom3bfg(6)


rbdoom3bfg - Robert Beckeban's Doom 3 BFG Edition


rbdoom3bfg [options]


rbdoom3bfg is a port of the id-soft released GPL'ed version of the Doom 3 BFG-Edition engine. It targets Linux support, 64-bit support and source code cleanup.
The goal of RBDoom3BFG is to bring Doom 3 BFG with the help of SDL to all suitable platforms. Bugs present in the original DOOM 3 will be fixed (when identified) without altering the original game-play.


The game can be tweaked using some console commands which usually also can be passed using the commandline.
Below, for any values named boolean a "0" means disable and "1" enable.
Note that some values might be stored in the user's profile and are persistent over restarts.
+set fs_game modDirectoryName
Defines the mod directory to be used. Best used with +set fs_resourceLoadPriority.
+set fs_resourceLoadPriority value
When value is 0 set priority the mod's content over the game's one.
+set com_allowconsole boolean
Allow (default) or disallow console access.
+set com_showFPS value
show frames rendered per second. Use this value:
0 to turn off (default),
1 default bfg values,
2 only show FPS (classic view)
+set com_speeds boolean
Show engine timings. Default is off.q
+set com_forceGenericSIMD boolean
Force the use of generic platform independent SIMD code. Default is off.


To actually play Doom3 BFG Edition, you need a copy of the (non-free) game data. Please see /usr/share/doc/rbdoom3bfg/README.txt.gz for details.


This manpage was written by Tobias Frost <> and is licensed under the GPL-2 or at your option any later version.
October 20, 2014