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spring - An open source RTS game engine - Default Engine



spring - An open source RTS game engine - Default Engine


spring [-f|--fullscreen] [-w|--window] [-m|--minimise] [--safemode] [-s|--server IP_OR_HOSTNAME] [-p|--projectiledump] [-t|--textureatlas] [--benchmark TIME [--benchmarkstart TIME]] [-i|--isolation] [--isolation-dir PATH] [-n|--name STRING] [-C|--config FILE] [ SCRIPT]
spring --list-ai-interfaces
spring --list-skirmish-ais
spring --list-def-tags
spring --list-config-vars
spring [-h|--help]
spring --sync-version
spring [-V|--version]


Spring is a versatile 3D RTS game engine. Using extensively Lua for scripting game-specific code to make nearly every aspect of the engine customizable, from GUI, to unit AI, to pathfinding.
It is mainly designed around online multiplayer games but can also be played in single-player mode against AIs.
The engine can run graphics and simulation in two separate threads, depending on the game and engine settings. This will typically boost the performance on multi-core systems.


-h, --help
Print the options help message and exit
-V, --version
Display program version and exit
Display program sync version (for online gaming) and exit
Disables colorized stdout
Ignore unreccognized arguments
-f, --fullscreen
Run in fullscreen mode
-w, --window
Run in windowed mode
-b, --minimise
Start in background (minimised)
Turns off many things that are known to cause problems (i.e. on PC/Mac’s with lower-end graphic cards)
-s, --server::'IP_OR_HOSTNAME'
Run as a server on the given address
-t, --textureatlas
Dump each finalised textureatlas into textureatlasN.tga
Enable benchmark mode (writes a file). The given number specifies the timespan to test.
Benchmark start time in minutes.
-i, --isolation
Limit the data-dir (games & maps) scanner to one directory (see --isolation-dir and the SPRING_ISOLATED env var)
Specify the isolation-mode data-dir (see --isolation and the SPRING_ISOLATED env var)
Specify the directory used for all saving.
-n, --name::'NAME'
Set your player name
-C, --config::'FILE'
Exclusive configuration file
Dump a list of available AI Interfaces to STDOUT
Dump a list of available Skirmish AIs to STDOUT
Dump a list of available Definition Tags in JSON-format to STDOUT
Dump a list of available Projectile classes in JSON-format to STDOUT
Dump all default config vars in JSON-format to STDOUT
-g, --game::'GAME'
instantly start the GAME with a minimal setup. Requires --map to be present, too. Sets the modoption minimalsetup = 1
-m, --map::'MAP'
Requires --game to be set, too. see --game


The default data-directory (see section DATA DIR).
Contains the users settings for the engine, for things like graphic and sound.
Contains the : separated paths to additional data-dirs (see section DATA DIR).


SPRING_LOG_SECTIONS Selective functionality to change the verbosity (separated by ,).
SPRING_WRITEDIR Define custom primary write DATA DIR. Place where spring saves logs, settings, ...
SPRING_DATADIR Adds additional DATA DIRs Spring will search for files (separated by :).
SPRING_ISOLATED If defined, Spring will stop searching files outside of the binaries directory. If it is set to a valid directory path, it will be used as the isolation directory. See the --isolation and the --isolation-dir options.
SPRING_NOCOLOR Same as spring --nocolor.


Can either be a:
•Spring URL (spring://[username[:password]@]host[:port])
•start script (often named script.txt)
•replay file (*.sdfz)
•save game (*.ssf)


An all-in-one-folder setup, which allows to run Spring without installation. To do so all relevant files (binaries & basecontent) must be in a single folder, esp. spring(.exe), and springsettings.cfg. Spring will then use the all-in-one-folder for writing and won’t do so anywhere else on the system, but it may open other files & directories for reading.


Not to confuse with Portable Mode, this mode disables all automatic Data Dir scanning and limit reading & writing to a single folder. This is very useful when games want to run separate from other Spring games. Isolation mode can be enabled by placing an empty isolated.txt next to the spring executable or by setting SPRING_ISOLATED env var.


Data directories are searched for content, and among other things, may contain:
•config files
Sorted by priority the engine may use multiple data directories, but it will use only the one with the highest priority as writable, to write cache & log files to. The hierarchy the engine loads DATA DIRs in can be grouped in 3 sections:
priority section normal portable isolation
high custom user write -e directory defined via --write-dir SPRING_WRITEDIR envvar -e directory defined via --write-dir SPRING_WRITEDIR envvar -e directory defined via --write-dir SPRING_WRITEDIR envvar
low custom user read -e SPRING_DATADIR envvar SpringData configtag -e SPRING_DATADIR envvar SpringData configtag -e SPRING_DATADIR envvar SpringData configtag
Config directories in user’s home.
C:/.../My Documents/My Games/Spring/
C:/.../My Documents/Spring/
C:/.../All Users/Applications/Spring/
INSTALL_DIR Location of spring binary.
ETC_DIRS Additional : separated DATA DIRs defined in /etc/spring/datadir.
*nix/MacOSX: /usr/.../share/spring & binary dir if is Data Dir
MacOSX: .../
Windows: Install directory
Mode A (--isolation): INSTALL_DIR
Mode B (--isolation-dir): supplied dir


Spring can load configurations from multiple files and merge them. So similar to DATA DIRs there is one file where the engine writes to and multiple read-only files.
It scans following directories for config files :
priority scanned directories
exclusive file defined via --config (when defined only this is loaded)
high write DATA DIR
-e (skipped in Isolated mode) *nix/MacOSX: ~/.springrc Windows: C:\Users\USER\AppData\Local\springsettings.cfg
low all read DATA DIRs
(The one with highest priority will be used for writing.)
The filename of such config files can be as following:
priority filenames
high springsettings-%Engine_Version%.cfg
springrc-%Engine_Version% (*nix/MacOSX only)
low springrc (*nix/MacOSX only)
(An example for a versioned config file is "springsettings-94.1.cfg".)


spring-legacy(6) spring-headless(6) spring-dedicated(6)


More information about Spring can be found at link:


Spring was written by the Spring developers.
This manual page was written by Marco Amadori <[1]>, for the Debian project (and may be used by others).


10/14/2017 Spring package