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PLAINBOX_SESSION_SHARE - per-session runtime shared-state directory



PLAINBOX_SESSION_SHARE - per-session runtime shared-state directory


Saving files to session share directory:
``command: do-something > $PLAINBOX_SESSION_SHARE/some-action.log``

Loading files from session-share directory:
``command: cat $PLAINBOX_SESSION_SHARE/some-action.log``


Plainbox sessions allow jobs to communicate by referring to the $PLAINBOX_SESSION_SHARE environment variable. Files generated therein are explicitly meant to be accessible to all the other jobs participating in the session.

Typical Use Cases

Typically a session will involve one or more pairs of jobs such as:
id: some-action
plugin: shell
summary: do something and save the log file to disk
commmand: do-something > $PLAINBOX_SESSION_SHARE/some-action.log
id: some-action-attachment plugin: attachment summary: log file of the do-something command command: cat $PLAINBOX_SESSION_SHARE/some-action.log

The job some-action will use the do-something executable to perform some tests. The log file of that action will be saved on the device executing the test, in the directory exposed through the environment variable $PLAINBOX_SESSION_SHARE.
The some-action-attachment job will use that same directory and the agreed-upon name of the log file and cat (1) it, which coupled with the plugin type shell will cause Plainbox to attach the log file to the resulting document.

Checkbox Compatibility

Jobs designed to work with pre-Plainbox-based Checkbox may still refer to the old, somewhat confusing, environment variable $CHECKBOX_DATA. It points to the same directory.

Multi-Node Sessions

When a test session involves multiple devices this directory is separately instantiated for each device. Jobs executing on separate devices cannot use this facility to communicate. If communication is required jobs are expected to use the LAVA-inspired, MPI-based communication API. For details see plainbox-multi-node-api (7)


Within the session directory the name of this directory is still CHECKBOX_DATA (literally, this is not a variable name). It may be changed at any point in time since jobs cannot form any meaningful paths to this directory without referring to either $PLAINBOX_SESSION_SHARE or $CHECKBOX_DATA




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