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hxtools — Suite of various shell scripts and other stuff


hxtools is Jan Engelhardt's accumulated tool collection.


bin2c(1) – embed data files into C as variables
bsvplay(1) – convert BASICA music files to PCM
cctypeinfo(1) – show sizes of some C types on the implementation it was compiled with
checkbrack(1) – check parenthesis and bracket count
clock_info(1) – print info about system clocks
clt2bdf(1) – convert Consoleet text bitmaps to BDF or SFD
clt2pbm(1) – convert Consoleet text bitmaps to PBM Portable Bitmap
cwdiff(1) – run wdiff with color
declone(1) – break hardlinks
diff2php(1) – transform patch to self-serving PHP file
doxygen-kernel-filter(1) – a doxygen filter for doxygen to understand KernelDoc
extract_d3pkg(1) – extract Descent3 PKG files
extract_dxhog(1) – extract Descent HOG files
extract_f3pod(1) – extract Fury3 POD files
extract_qupak(1) – extract Quake2 PACK files
fd0ssh(1) – pipe for password-over-stdin support to ssh
filenameconv(1) – convert file name encoding
fnt2bdf(1) – convert VGA raw fonts to X11 BDF
fxterm(1) – start xterm with VGA color palette
git-author-stat(1) – show commit author statistics of a git repository
git-blame-stat(1) – show per-line author statistics of a git repository
git-forest(1) – display the commit history forest
git-revert-stats(1) – show reverting statistics of a git repository
git-track(1) – set up branch for tracking a remote
gpsh(1) – grep tracklists and play audio files
graph-fanout(1) – fan a tree (for graphviz)
graph-lchain(1) – remove circles in graphs using longest-chaining method
hcdplay(1) – control autonomous CDDA playback using Linux ioctls
logontime(8) – show cumulative logon time from wtmp
mailsplit(1) – split an mbox into single files
man2html(1) – convert nroff manpages to HTML
mkvappend(1) – concatenate multiple files into one Matroska container file
mod2opus(1) – wrapper for tracker module/MIDI to Opus transcoding
hxnetload(8) – show utilization of network interface
ofl(1) – open file lister
paddrspacesize(1) – print size of processes' address spaces
pcmdiff(1) – proof-of-concept raw PCM deltifier
pegrep(1) – multi-line perl-regexp grep
peicon(1) – extract icon resources from PE files
pesubst(1) – perl-regexp stream substitution (replaces sed for substitutions)
pmap_dirty(1) – print amount of dirty pages of a process (somewhat indicative of its memory use) – transform arbitrary files into C++ files for wxWidgets
printcaps(1) – print currently active process capabilities
proc_iomem_count(1) – show MMIO region sizes
proc_stat_signal(1) – decode /proc/self/stat for signal status
pshtreads(1) – alternative experiment to ps(1) involving thread display
qplay(1) – convert QBASIC play strings to PCM
qtar(1) – faster interface to tar with file ordering
raregetty(8) – local login program for remote hosts
recursive_lower(1) – recursively lowercase all filenames
rot13(1) – shortcut to invoke tr(1) for ROT13 – read RPM dependencies and output a graph
sourcefuncsize(1) – statistical analysis of code
spec-beautifier(1) – program to clean up RPM .spec files
ssa2srt(1) – convert SubStation Alpha (SSA) subtitles to SubRip (SRT)
stxdb(1) – A/V file database
su1(8) – what sudo should have done
sysinfo(1) – print IRC-style system information banner
tailhex(1) – hex dumper with tail-following support
utmp_register(1) – make entries in the utmp/wtmp database
vcsaview(8) – display a screen dump in VCSA format
vfontas(1) – VGA font file assembler
wktimer(1) – work timer
xcp(1) – proof-of-concept cp(1) with alternate copying mechanisms
xfs_irecover(8) – recover lost inodes from XFS filesystems

Removed components

Some helpers have been recently removed because they have found better equivalents.
git-export-patch. Replaced by `git format-patch -M -M` (can be chained to mail through `git send-email ... --format-patch -M -M`). The TortoiseSVN hack that git-export-patch offered was dropped without replacement.
git-new-root. Replaced by `git checkout --orphan; rm -Rf`.
omixer. Replaced by the utility "amixer".
oplay. Replaced by the utility "aplay".
orec. Replaced by the utility "arecord".
fduphl. Replaced by the system utility "hardlink".
2008-11-11 hxtools