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oss_sbpci - Creative Labs ES1371 audio driver.

oss_sbpci(7) OSS Devices oss_sbpci(7)


oss_sbpci - Creative Labs ES1371 audio driver.


Open Sound System driver for Creative Labs ES1371/ES1373/5880, Ectiva 1938 audio controllers.
APCI97 device characteristics:
8/16 bit playback/record
mono/stereo playback/recording
8KHz to 48Khz sample rate
Dual Dac mode: This feature turns the APCI97 into two output devices with the output going to front and rear speakers independantly (however volume control is global).
Speaker Mode: This feature allows you to either have the audio coming out the front speakers or you can have audio duplicated on rear speakers. This mode is disabled when Dual Dac mode is enabled.
SPDIF: This button enables or disables SPDIF output.


apci97_latency=<NNN> Certain models of the ES1371 sound devices will sound distorted playing stereo audio and setting the PCI latency fixes the problem
apci_spdif=0|1 Certain models like the SB 4.1D/SB PCI128D have SPDIF output jacks and this setting enables the output device.


/etc/oss4/conf/oss_sbpci.conf Device configuration file


4Front Technologies
31 January 2016