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reference_element - reference element

reference_element(7rheolef) rheolef-6.7 reference_element(7rheolef)


reference_element - reference element


The reference_element class defines all supported types of geometrical elements in one, two and three dimensions. The set of supported elements are designate by a letter
point (dimension 0)
edge (dimension 1)
triangle(dimension 2)
quadrangle(dimension 2)
tetrahedron(dimension 3)
prism(dimension 3)
hexaedron(dimension 3)


class reference_element { public:
// typedefs:
typedef std::vector<int>::size_type size_type;
// defines variant_type { p, t, q ..., H, ...}; // in an automatically generated file :
typedef size_type variant_type; static const variant_type p = 0, e = 1, t = 2, q = 3, T = 4, P = 5, H = 6, max_variant = 7;
// allocators/deallocators:
reference_element (variant_type x = max_variant) : _x(x) { assert_macro (x >= 0 && x <= max_variant, "invalid type " << x); }
// initializers:
void set_variant (variant_type x) { _x = x; } void set_variant (size_type n_vertex, size_type dim) { _x = variant (n_vertex, dim); } void set_name (char name);
// accessors:
variant_type variant() const { return _x; } char name() const { return _name[_x]; } size_type dimension() const { return _dimension[_x]; } size_type size() const { return _n_vertex[_x]; } size_type n_subgeo(size_type subgeo_dim) const { return n_subgeo (variant(), subgeo_dim); } size_type n_edge() const { return n_subgeo(1); } size_type n_face() const { return n_subgeo(2); } size_type subgeo_size (size_type subgeo_dim, size_type loc_isid) const { return subgeo_n_node (_x, 1, subgeo_dim, loc_isid); } size_type subgeo_local_vertex(size_type subgeo_dim, size_type loc_isid, size_type loc_jsidvert) const { return subgeo_local_node (_x, 1, subgeo_dim, loc_isid, loc_jsidvert); }
// TODO: use template<class T> instead of Float const point_basic<Float>& vertex (size_type iloc) const; friend Float measure (reference_element hat_K); Float side_measure (size_type loc_isid) const; void side_normal (size_type loc_isid, point_basic<Float>& hat_n) const;
// helpers:
static variant_type variant (char name); static variant_type variant (size_type n_vertex, size_type dim); static char name (variant_type variant) { return _name [variant]; } static size_type dimension (variant_type variant) { return _dimension[variant]; } static size_type n_vertex (variant_type variant) { return _n_vertex [variant]; } static size_type n_node (variant_type variant, size_type order);
static size_type n_sub_edge (variant_type variant); static size_type n_sub_face (variant_type variant); static size_type n_subgeo (variant_type variant, size_type subgeo_dim); static size_type subgeo_n_node (variant_type variant, size_type order, size_type subgeo_dim, size_type loc_isid); static size_type subgeo_local_node (variant_type variant, size_type order, size_type subgeo_dim, size_type loc_isid, size_type loc_jsidnod);
static variant_type first_variant_by_dimension (size_type dim) { return _first_variant_by_dimension[dim]; } static variant_type last_variant_by_dimension (size_type dim) { return _first_variant_by_dimension[dim+1]; }
static size_type first_inod_by_variant (variant_type variant, size_type order, variant_type subgeo_variant); static size_type last_inod_by_variant (variant_type variant, size_type order, variant_type subgeo_variant) { return first_inod_by_variant (variant, order, subgeo_variant+1); } static size_type first_inod (variant_type variant, size_type order, size_type subgeo_dim) { return first_inod_by_variant (variant, order, first_variant_by_dimension(subgeo_dim)); } static size_type last_inod (variant_type variant, size_type order, size_type subgeo_dim) { return first_inod_by_variant (variant, order, last_variant_by_dimension(subgeo_dim)); } static void init_local_nnode_by_variant (size_type order, std::array<size_type,reference_element::max_variant>& loc_nnod_by_variant);
protected: // constants:
static const char _name [max_variant]; static const size_type _dimension [max_variant]; static const size_type _n_vertex [max_variant]; static const variant_type _first_variant_by_dimension[5];
// data:
variant_type _x; };
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