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ubertooth - Project Ubertooth

UBERTOOTH(7) Project Ubertooth Overview UBERTOOTH(7)


ubertooth - Project Ubertooth


Ubertooth is a platform for Bluetooth experimentation. It is able to sniff Bluetooth Smart (BLE), discover undiscoverable classic Bluetooth devices, and perform rudimentary sniffing of classic Bluetooth devices.
Ubertooth is not a Bluetooth dongle and it will not show up as one when running hciconfig.


The following command line tools included in this package are the primary means of using Ubertooth. Refer to their manual pages for example usage and comprehensive documentation.
Useful commands:
ubertooth-btle(1) : BLE sniffing and other fun
ubertooth-rx(1) : Classic Bluetooth device discovery and rudimentary sniffing
ubertooth-scan(1) : Active scanning of undiscoverable devices
ubertooth-afh(1) : Detecting the AFH map of a Classic Bluetooth piconet
ubertooth-ego(1) : Yuneec E-Go electric skateboard sniffing
Utility commands:
ubertooth-dfu(1) : Firmware update tool
ubertooth-dump(1) : Dumping raw RF symbols to disk
ubertooth-util(1) : "Everything else"
Less useful commands:
ubertooth-debug(1) : Peeking and poking registers on the CC2400
ubertooth-specan(1) : Raw RSSI values used by graphical specan


Ubertooth is an open source project maintained primarily by volunteers. Please keep that in mind when seeking support.
If you are having issues with a tool or believe you have found a bug, please file an issue on the project GitHub: ⟨⟩
For interactive support, join the #ubertooth IRC channel on Freenode. The code and documentation for Project Ubertooth are Copyright 2010-2017 and are available under the terms of the GPLv2. Refer to COPYING for details. Ubertooth is a registered trademark of Great Scott Gadgets.


This manual page was written by Mike Ryan.
March 2017 Project Ubertooth