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VBoxControl - x86 virtualization solution

VBOXCONTROL(8) System Administration Utilities VBOXCONTROL(8)


VBoxControl - x86 virtualization solution


Oracle VM VirtualBox Guest Additions Command Line Management Interface3 (C) 2008-2016 Oracle Corporation All rights reserved.
VBoxControl [-V|--version] print version number and exit VBoxControl --nologo ... suppress the logo
VBoxControl guestproperty get <property> [--verbose] VBoxControl guestproperty set <property> [<value> [--flags <flags>]] VBoxControl guestproperty delete|unset <property> VBoxControl guestproperty enumerate [--patterns <patterns>] VBoxControl guestproperty wait <patterns>
[--timestamp <last timestamp>]
[--timeout <timeout in ms>
VBoxControl sharedfolder list [-automount] VBoxControl writecoredump VBoxControl writelog [-n|--no-newline] [--] <msg> VBoxControl takesnapshot VBoxControl savestate VBoxControl suspend VBoxControl poweroff VBoxControl help [command] VBoxControl version
June 2016 VBoxControl