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bareos-sd - Bareos's Storage Daemon

BAREOS-SD(8) Backup Archiving REcovery Open Sourced BAREOS-SD(8)


bareos-sd - Bareos's Storage Daemon


bareos-sd [options]


This manual page documents briefly the bareos-sd command.
Bareos's Storage Daemon acts as the interface between the Bareos network backup system and a tape drive/autochanger or filesystem where the backups will be stored.


-c path
Specify the configuration file or directory to use.
-d nn
Set debug level to nn.
Print timestamp in debug output.
Run in foreground (for debugging).
-g group
Set the group/gid to run as.
Proceed in spite of I/O errors
Print kaboom output (for debugging)
No signals (for debugging).
Test the configuration file and report errors.
-u user
Set the username/uid to run as.
Set verbose mode.
Show version and usage of program.


bareos-dir(8), bareos-fd(8).


This manual page was written by Jose Luis Tallon <>.
6 December 2009 Kern Sibbald