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bootsched - tool for setting startup time of PowerMacs

BOOTSCHED(8) System Manager's Manual BOOTSCHED(8)


bootsched - tool for setting startup time of PowerMacs


bootsched [-q] [-w│-e│-d DAY] -t HH:MM
bootsched [-q] +value[mhd]
bootsched -h


bootsched sets the scheduled boot time in the hardware PMU on OldWorld PowerMacs. When set the machine will automatically boot at the specified time. When cleared the machine must be manually booted. bootsched can not be used on NewWorld PowerMacs.
bootsched sets the boot time for the next startup only. For continued, unattended operation bootsched should be invoked during system startup.


Set next power-up on a weekday
Set next power-up on a weekend day
-d DAY
Set next power-up on to DAY (0..6). Day 0 represents Sunday
-t HH:MM
Set time of day to power up
Set next power up at a time in seconds, minutes, hours or days ahead of current time
Quiet mode
Print usage information.
verbose operation.




Michael Schmitz <> 
bootsched is derived from Takeshi Oe's <> pmacpow, as modified by Kieth Keller <>
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