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bpluginfo - Bareos Plugin information utility

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bpluginfo - Bareos Plugin information utility


bplufinfo [options]


The main purpose of bpluginfo is to display different information about Bareos plugin. You can use it to check a plugin name, author, license and short description. You can use -f option to display API implemented by the plugin. Some plugins may require additional '-a' option for validating a Bareos Daemons API. In most cases it is not required.


A summary of options is included below.
Show usage of the program.
Verbose information printing all available data from the plugin, including plugin header and implemented API.
Display short information from plugin header only. This is a default option. Option incompatible with -f option.
Display information about implemented API functions.
-a <api>
You can supply the plugin initialization function with a particular Bareos API number. Without this option a default API number is '1'. Option require a numeric argument.


bpluginfo returns 0 on success, and non-zero on error.
You can check return code to find what was a cause of the error.

* 0 - success
* 1 - cannot load a plugin
* 2 - cannot find a loadPlugin function
* 3 - cannot find an unloadPlugin function
* 10 - not enough memory


This is an example of bplufinfo usage with verbose option (-v) and default plugin.
$ bpluginfo -v /usr/lib/bareos/plugins/
Plugin type: Bareos File Daemon plugin Plugin magic: *FDPluginData* Plugin version: 2 Plugin release date: October 2013 Plugin author: Marco van Wieringen Plugin licence: Bareos AGPLv3 Plugin description: Python File Daemon Plugin Plugin API version: 8 Plugin usage: python:module_path=<path-to-python-modules>:module_name=<python-module-to-load>:...
Plugin functions: newPlugin() freePlugin() getPluginValue() setPluginValue() handlePluginEvent() startBackupFile() endBackupFile() startRestoreFile() endRestoreFile() pluginIO() createFile() setFileAttributes() checkFile()


Written by Radoslaw Korzeniewski (c) Inteos Sp. z o.o.


Does not handle all required Bareos functions callbacks which can lead to utility crash.


Report bugs to <>. Copyright © 2012 Free Software Foundation Europe e.V.
This is free software; see the source for copying conditions. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.


bareos-dir, bareos-sd, bareos-fd, Bareos Plugins API
July 2012 bpluginfo