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cfengine - network configuration engine

cfengine(8) System Manager's Manual cfengine(8)


cfengine - network configuration engine


/usr/sbin/cfenvgraph [options]


Override default input database
Erase machine-learned history of named traces. Comma separated list (no spaces)
override name of output directory
Generate titles in output data files for traces
Add time stamps to output directory
Maximum output resolution (default is smoothed over each hour).
Plot separate output files for each trace.
Do not add uncertainty margins to output.
Do not renormalize graphs for convenient representation
Show data for last four hours only in high resolution.


cfengine is a language based system specifically designed for testing and configuring unix-like systems attached to a TCP/IP network. Cfenvd is part of the anomaly detection subsystem for cfagent.
cfenvgraph is a research tool for extracting graphs of the learned history of system performance from the learned database. Users are referred to the web page
for an explanation of this graphical tool.


Mark Burgess, Oslo University College

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