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comitup - Manage wifi connections on headless, unconnected systems



comitup - Manage wifi connections on headless, unconnected systems




The comitup service provides a means to establish a connection between a computer and a wifi access point, in the case where wifi is the only means available to access the computer.
On startup, the service will attempt to connect to wifi using established networkmanager(8) connections. If this is not successful, comitup will establish a wifi hotspot with the name comitup-<nnnn>, where <nnnn> is a persistent 4-digit number.
While the hotspot is active, a comitup-web(8) service is available to manage connecting to an access point.
If two wifi interfaces are available, the hotspot will remain active on the first interface, and the internet connection will be made on the second. Otherwise, the hotspot will be replaced with the internet connection.
In all states, avahi-daemon(8) is used to publish the mdns host name comitup-<nnnn>.local, making the web service accessible as e.g. http://comitup-1234.local, for systems supporting Zeroconf. For other systems, a comitup Workstation entry is published which is visible to Zeroconf browsing applications, allowing the IP address to be manually determined. The web service address is likely
comitup logs to /var/log/comitup.log.

D-Bus Interface

Comitup provides a D-Bus object which claims the name com.github.davesteele.comitup on the path /com/github/davesteele/comitup, supporting the interface com.github.davesteele.comitup. The interface includes the following methods.
Input: None
Return information about the current Comitup service. The keys are as follows:
* _version_ - The package version.
* _basename_ - The currently configured basename (default **comitup**).
* _id_ - The unique random numeric id associated with the service instance.
* _hostnames_ - A list of host names that are published for the service IP address.
Input: None
Output: Array of DICT_ENTRY
Return a list of visible access points. This is represented as an array of D-Bus DICT_ENTRY. Each DICT_ENTRY contains strings associated with the following keys, ssid, strength (0 to 100) and security (encrypted or unencrypted).
Input: None
Output: state, connection
This returns strings for the current comitup state (either HOTSPOT, CONNECTING, or CONNECTED) and the ssid name for the current connection on the wifi device.
Input: ssid, password
Output: None
Delete any existing connection for ssid, create a new connection, and attempt to connect to it. The password may be a zero length string if not needed.
Input: ssid
Output: None
Delete the connection for ssid. The system will not be able to reconnect using this connection.
Comitup is Copyright (C) 2016-2017 David Steele <>.


comitup-conf(5), comitup-cli(1), comitup-web(8)
September 2017