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dasdstat - read or modify the statistics of the DASD device driver.

LSDASD(8) System Manager's Manual LSDASD(8)


dasdstat - read or modify the statistics of the DASD device driver.


[-e] [-d] [-r] [-i] [-l] [-c] [-w] [-V] [-v] [<statistic> [<statistic>] ...]]


The dasdstat command provides easy access to the debugfs based statistics of the DASD device driver.
The DASD statistics feature allows to gather statistical data for the I/O requests processed by the DASD device driver. This data can be collected for individual DASD CCW devices (including PAV base and alias devices), DASD block devices, or globally for all requests handled by the DASD device driver.
When no other options are specified, then the default operation is to print the statistics data in a formatted table. When no specific list of statistics is given, then the operation will be performed on all available statistics.


Print help text.
Enable the statistics.
Disable the statistics.
Reset the statistics.
Specify the directory in which the statistics can be found.
Print more detailed information, e.g differentiate between read and write requests.
-c|--columns <number>
Format the output in a table with the given number of columns.
-w|--column-width <width>
Set the minimum width of the columns in the output table.
Print more verbose information.
Print the version of the s390-tools package and the command.
<statistic> =
Name of a statistic that the command should work on.


Print a statistics table for each enabled statistic.
dasdstat -e
Enable all DASD statistics.
dasdstat -l dasda 0.0.1800 0.0.18fe 0.0.18ff
Print a detailed statistics table for DASD block device dasda and CCW devices 0.0.1800, 0.0.18fe and 0.0.18ff. A typical scenario for this example would be that dasda is the block device that belongs to PAV base device 0.0.1800, and CCW devices 0.0.18fe and 0.0.18ff are the associated alias devices.


This man-page was written by Stefan Weinhuber <>.
Feb 2011 s390-tools