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DHCP6RELAY(8) System Manager's Manual DHCP6RELAY(8)


dhcp6relayDHCPv6 relay agent


dhcp6relay [-Ddf] [-b boundaddr] [-H hoplim] [-r relay-IF] [-s serveraddr] [-S script-file] [-p pid-file] interface ...


dhcp6relay acts as an intermediary to deliver DHCPv6 messages between clients and servers, and is on the same link as a client. dhcp6relay needs command line arguments interface ..., which specifies the list of links accommodating clients.
Options supported by dhcp6relay are:
Print debugging messages.
Even more debugging information is printed.
Foreground mode (useful when debugging). Although dhcp6relay usually prints warning, debugging, or error messages to syslog(8), it prints the messages to standard error if this option is specified.
-b boundaddr
Specifies the source address to relay packets to servers (or other agents).
-H hoplim
Specifies the hop limit of DHCPv6 Solicit messages forwarded to servers.
-r relay-IF
Specifies the interface on which messages to servers are sent. When omitted, the same interface as interface will be used. When multiple interface are specified, this option cannot be omitted.
-s serveraddr
Specifies the DHCPv6 server address to relay packets to. If not specified, packets are relayed to ff05::1:3 (All DHCPv6 servers).
-S script-file
Specifies the script file to be executed when dhcp6relay receives a RELAY-REPLY message from a DHCPv6 server. Further detail of the script file syntax is available in dhcp6c(8)
-p pid-file
Use pid-file to dump the process ID of dhcp6relay.


is the default file that contains pid of the currently running dhcp6relay.


dhcp6c(8), dhcp6s(8)
Ralph Droms, Editor, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol for IPv6 (DHCPv6), RFC 3315, 2003.


The dhcp6relay command first appeared in WIDE/KAME IPv6 protocol stack kit.
April 18, 2000 KAME