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gdnsd-plugin-tcp_connect - gdnsd TCP monitoring plugin



gdnsd-plugin-tcp_connect - gdnsd TCP monitoring plugin


Example tcp_connect service_types config:
  service_types => {
    tcp9000 => {
      plugin => tcp_connect,
      port => 9000, # required
      up_thresh => 20,
      ok_thresh => 10,
      down_thresh => 10,
      interval => 10,
      timeout => 3,


gdnsd-plugin-tcp_connect is a monitoring plugin that checks basic TCP connectivity to a given port. It establishes a basic TCP connection and then immediately closes without sending or receiving any data on each monitoring check.


The numeric port number to connect on, required.


gdnsd.config(5), gdnsd.zonefile(5), gdnsd(8)
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