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ifindex - Create nodelist index

ifindex(8) FTN mailer ifindex(8)


ifindex - Create nodelist index


ifindex [-h] [-x verbosity] [-I file]


Ifindex creates a nodelist index which is used by ifcico for faster nodelist lookups.
Depending on the OPTIONS set when compiling the program, one of 3 different nodelist indices will be generated: a db- a (g)dbm- or a dbz- version. The dbz- type nodelist-index has some advantages (smaller indices and faster index generation) over the other 2 types but is currently only in PRE-ALPHA state - you should also read the README before using this type of nodelist-index.


Display a short help message.
-x Verbosity
Set the debug verbosity. Verbosity may be a number from 0 to 32 to set 'on' bits from 1 to number, or a string of letters where 'a' = bit 1, 'b' = bit 2, etc. up to bit 26.
-I File
Use the alternate configuration file File.


0 Successfull
64 command line usage error
65 error reading config file


d lock files
f aka matching
g outbound directories
h call
j session handshake
k file transfer
l filelist
m nodelist flags
r modem
t nodelist index
z hydra protocol


Runtime configuration file.
A list of nodes in an FTN network.


ifcico(8), ifinfo(8)


Some ideas taken from Fidogate/RFmail package, written by Teemu Torma and hacked by Martin Junius.
Some tcp code taken from JE version, written by Tsuneo Tanaka <>
1993, 1994 Eugene Crosser
This is free software. You can do what you wish with it as long as this copyright notice is preserved.
Manpage and dbz-nodelist-index support by Christof Meerwald <>
Many thanks to the institute of computer science in Salzburg/Austria and especially to Anton Hofmann <> who made further work possible during his lecture.
May 29, 1997